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Perfect Location

Only 1 mile across the border & 15 miles from the San Diego International Airport, makes it the popular place for foreign patients to have their surgical procedure.

Certified Surgeons

Setting the standard of excellence in the assessment, treatment and ongoing support of bariatic surgery patients.

Health Without Borders

We are the only accredited hospital with an official medical tourism certificate issued by the state of Baja California.

First-Class Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities exceed U.S. standards, our team of experts and the sophisticated clinic offer safety and security.

Our Hospital

A1 Victory Hospital is located just a few minutes across the Mexican border, approximately 20 miles away from the San Diego airport.

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Stress-Free Enviroment

Your patient liaison will be in charge of scheduling your surgery as well as assisting with hotel and flight reservations if need be.

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We offer the best combination of comfort, amazing service and an excellent locations in tijuana.

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We strive to assist you on achieving your goal weight, and improve your lifestyle,
by providing excellent, personalized care in your new journey for a longer life of healthy living.

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Why is Gastric Sleeve better ?

There are a whole lot of weight loss procedures out there but most of the obese people seeking treatment prefer to go for a safe approach in which

New Procedure: Gastric Sleeve Plica...

A1 Victory ( formerly known as Hospital Jerusalem) is proud to announce that we now offer you the newest advancement in weight loss surgery: The Ga


  • I had my surgery done in Hospital Jerusalem in April 2012, lost and still losing slowly 160 lbs keep up the good work .. Best of luck!

    Sherry Ortiz Gastric Sleeve
  • I had my surgery almost 2 years ago here and the doctors were wonderful!! I had excellent care and was very well taken care of. I had the gastric sleeve and have lost 120 pounds since then and my health is so much better!! This surgery saved my life and I have had no problems only good results... Thank you so much!!!

    Cindy H. Sleeve Gastrectomy

Meet Our Specialists

Dr. Alberto Lara

Confirmed by the Mexican Council of Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic and Reconstructive, he polishes with a high

Dr. Ponce de Leon

Dr. Jaime Ponce De Leon is a Certified Chief Bariatric Surgeon in Tijuana Mexico and has been practicing s